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EPC Energy Assessors N.Ireland

EPCs,SAPs, Air Tightness Testing,Home Energy Advice N.I.

serving customers from 2008.


We provide a full Energy Service of EPCs and Air permeability testing for Northern Ireland, in compliance with the Government's new Building Control Regulations.

Full details can be viewed at

All our Energy Assessors are accredited with STROMA, and trained by ABBEY.
Trained with ABBEY and Accredited with STROMA to produce EPCs.

 For Nov.2019 only, Energy Performance Certificates for Northern Ireland will cost £60 (No VAT) for an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house. YES, EPC for Cookstown £60, EPC for Dungannon £60, EPC for Magherafelt £60, EPC for Omagh £60, EPC Ballymena £60, EPC Derry £60, EPC Belfast £60, EPC Banbridge, EPC Portstewart ,EPC Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, EPC Tyrone £60, EPC Antrim £60, EPC Derry, EPC Northern Ireland £60!

We are EPC Providers for Tyrone, Derry, Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Belfast, Mid-Ulster, and all of Northern Ireland. SALE now on-for the month of Nov.2019 only, we are offering the following services at the cheapest possible prices;

  • Energy Performance Certificates for Existing Dwellings, (EPCs) for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.
  • EPCs for Non Domestic Premises,
  • On Construction EPCs for New Builds,
  • SAP Calculations for New Builds,
  • Commercial EPCs for Business Premises,
  • Energy Audits for The Big Lottery Fund,
  • Home Energy Advice Reports, (we will reduce your fuel bills),
  • Air Tightness Testing / Air Permeability Tests.

New Building Control Regulations require that all Domestic and Commercial properties for sale or rent require an EPC.The full Regulations can be viewed at (  

An EPC can only be carried out by a Qualified, Accredited and Insured, Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).

An On Construction EPC can only be carried out by an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor. (OCDEA).

OCDEAs can also produce Low and Zero carbon certificates. This is a new rate relief scheme which came into effect on 1st April 2010. It aims to encourage the building of Low and Zero carbon homes in Northern Ireland. (

A Commercial EPC can only be carried out by a Non Domestic Energy Assessor.(NDEA).

An EPC measures the overall energy performance and environmental impact, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, of a property.

Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure (RDSAP) is the methodology that is used to collect energy efficiency data from dwellings in order to produce Domestic EPCs. EPCs are currently needed for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI).

Non Domestic (Commercial) EPCs are now mandatory upon construction, sale or rental of any commercial property, whether new or existing.

Commercial EPCs are also required if the premises are being divided up into smaller units, or are being renovated. Commercial EPCs are valid for 10 years.

The Simplified Building Energy Mode (SBEM) software is used to produce Commercial EPCs.

The EPC report will also give recommendations that will, if implemented, reduce the energy bills and co2 emissions of the property.

Even if you are not selling or renting, an EPC is the best method for obtaining your property's energy rating and seeing the recommendations for improvements.

Along with your EPC, I will help with the application for available grants ( and the warm home scheme Northern Ireland and, if commissioned, project manage the required work.


  • Professional, Prompt Energy Services.
  • Qualified, Accredited, and Insured Energy Assessors. (
  • Discount for Multiple orders.
  • Discount for Estate/Letting Agents.
  • Local References available.
  • Help with available Grants.
  • A Competitive, fair price.
  • Home Energy Advice.
  • We believe we provide the most accurate, professional Energy Services at the best possible prices.

HOME............ 02886765375

MOBILE.......... 07818453614

On Construction EPCs are mandatory building control regulations for New Builds. OCDEAs can also produce low carbon reports, and help you with Rate Rebates.